Low Carb Fast Food: Wendy’s Chicken BLT Cobb Salad

I’ve been eating ‘super clean’ for awhile now and one of the things I love is that I can actually drive through a fast food restaurant and pick up a fresh, delicious salad anytime I want.


This Wendy’s Chicken BLT Cobb salad is my favorite fast food salad – they definitely beat the McDonald’s salads for consistency of quality.  At McD’s I get an ‘on the edge’ of not being fresh salad one in three visits.  (They prep the salads ahead of time.)  At Wendy’s they make it right wen you order it – I’ve seen them do it over and over.  I’ve had six salads in the last eight days and haven’t ran into any wilted lettuce.

This is not a sponsored post – though I know I sound like a commercial here ;)

The whole salad with the Avocado Ranch dressing packets is 8 net carbs. 

In this pic you see I’ve got an extra little ranch cup – and that adds a couple carbs to my total.  It’s not that the salad needs more dressing, but I’m not a chicken breast lover (would rather enjoy dark meat) and sometimes I like to dip the chicken into ranch separately, then dig into the salad on it’s own.

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  1. The Wendy’s website gives this salad 14 carbs, unless you’re talking about HALF a salad. Need to clarify so others don’t go for the full size.

    • Hmm… I do see that they’re reporting different numbers than when I wrote this post. But don’t forget to calculate the net carbs, according to their current numbers it’s 10 net carbs :)

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