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Lynn Terry of Low Carb Traveler and I are hosting a 90 Day Low Carb Challenge.  It starts today and runs all the way through the holidays, ending on January 5th.

If you’ve been looking for some extra support and encouragement to make Low Carb really work for you, this is your chance.

There is a FB group to interact with others, a weekly podcast for extra encouragement and a mailing list if you want to make sure you don’t miss anything.

I’m excited.  Low carb works for me and I feel great when I stick to it.  Knowing that I’ve made a serious commitment to myself and others is going to help me hold on through all of the tantalizingly tempting holidays and lost a lot of weight!

My personal goal is to lose 35 pounds.  My last weigh in was 295 so if I hit my goal I’ll be 260.  I haven’t seen that number in a very, very long time.

Here are my carb goals:

  • 20 net carbs per day or less for two weeks. (I’ve got one week left since I started last Saturday.)
  • 20-30 net carbs per day after that. (Previous experience tells me I still lose nicely at this rate.)
  • 60 net carbs for Special Treat days. (Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years)

Having a ‘double up’ day every great now and again is not going to interrupt my weight loss, not like going crazy and eating whatever I like. When you do that it takes at least two days to get back into the zone.  It’s my goal to not take any days ‘off’ and stay in weight loss mode the entire 90 days.

Join us here!



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  1. katemariah says:

    I’m a few weeks late jumping into this….will the website still be here after 90 days have come and gone?
    I’m a true believer in low-carb…fell off the wagon, regained the weight, determined to get back on track. Once you get ‘in the zone’ it gets easier, but getting there is hard. Hoping for inspiration.

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