A Look Back At A Mostly Low Carb Year

It was February when my pal Lynn inspired me to give Low Carb a try.  I weighed in at 315 on February 16th and four months later I was down to 278.

My thyroid bounced around quite a bit during that period of time, I’m sure I would have lost even more if I hadn’t ended up going hypo for a while.

Between early July and early August, I went off the rails and on August 8th I got back to Low Carb weighing 293.  I had mixed levels of commitment and not so great results until October when we embarked on our 90 Day Low Carb Challenge.  I went into the challenge weighing 295.

With the highest hopes and most sincere commitment, I set a goal of losing 35 pounds before the end of the challenge.

I didn’t know then that I’d be going through a thyroid ablation on November 1st.  I did really well up to then, losing down to 280, then down to 274.

Then the scale stopped cooperating.  I’ve been bouncing up and down around the same five pounds ever since.

I tackled the problem by going back to induction, very carefully counting every carb, getting lots of water every day and making the gym a priority.  In two weeks time I lost a pound and gained a couple.

Yes, this is more than a little frustrating.

If I only focus on the scale, I’m going to be in big trouble.  It’s disheartening to see gains when you’ve been playing by all the rules. It would be easy to throw in the towel and say ‘This isn’t working!’.

But is it? 

Keeping in mind my thyroid is in the throes of death and my metabolism is certainly suffering – the scale can’t be given the power to decide what is or isn’t working.

My body feels fantastic.  My endurance and strength is returning back to normal since the ablation.  I have wonderful energy levels and the brain fog of being hyperthyroid has drifted away, leaving me clear headed and more productive than ever.

Instead of looking at this past six week’s lack of progress, I am going to look back over the year and celebrate that even with the recent gains I have lost 38 pounds!

So it’s going to be tough for awhile, but I can hack it!

I’m not thrilled that I have to eat at induction levels consistently – I much preferred my menu when I could enjoy 30-35 net carbs a day.  But rather than stew in my sadness, I’m choosing to focus on the delicious foods that fit quite nicely in an induction menu.  I love eggs, beef, chicken and salads!

I don’t know how soon we’ll get my thyroid levels sorted out with replacement hormones and while I hope it will be soon, I have to keep my eyes on the big picture.

When the scales are stuck, we tend to imagine that they’ll be stuck forever.  Of course they won’t be – even with a stubborn metabolism, eating clean will eventually win the day.  That’s the truth I’ll hold onto.

Have you ever faced a tough metabolism issue?  What did you do to get through it?

About Kelly

Hi there, I'm a low carb lifestyle in a carb lovers shell. I'm doing everything I can to peel that shell away, one piece of bacon at a time ;)


  1. Hi Kelly
    I’m there with ya. I do have a ridiculously messed up metabolism. I had RNY weight loss surgery, and generally eat lower carb than the average person (normally no more than 50 carbs per day and usually less than 1,000 calories) . I signed up for the 90 Day Low Carb challenge, and lost 4 lbs. That’s it.

    Because of my surgery, I eat extremely small amounts of food. Honestly, I think my surgery – while I did lose 100 lbs initial – is actually making my weight loss resistance issues worse. Eating so little food, over long periods of time, eventually makes your body go into “starvation mode”. Not good.

    This summer (right about the time we started the 90 day LC challenge), I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease. I am now on thyroid replacement, and honestly, that halted the slow weight gain I was experiencing, but other than the 4 lbs I lost; I’ve lost nothing.

    Good news, I haven’t gained! :)

    I know exercise would help: but I have to deal with a couple other health issues that make exercise difficult and problematic.

    My circumstances are not normal. Wish I could say I found the answer to conquer weight loss resistance, but I haven’t.

    I do plan to do an elimination diet based on The Virgin Diet, which calls to eliminate the 7 most common foods that trigger food allergies/sensitivities, which are often the root cause of weight loss resistance. At this point, that’s about the only thing I haven’t tried. Worth a shot. ;)

  2. Hey Kelly – that’s truly awesome you lost 38 pounds! Like you said, celebrate that achievement because it’s hard work.

    My metabolism has really slowed the last 4 or 5 years. I attribute it to moving less during the day even though I work out. I’ve entered my 50s as well. My body doesn’t process well some of the same foods I ate without problems even 5 years ago. I’ve had a little success though with intermittent fasting or even an occasional 24 hour fast to let my organs recuperate from the continuous digesting they go through. Also, working out on an empty stomach is helpful in burning fat faster as your body doesn’t have to first burn through the excess sugars and carbs to get to the fat.

    I also bought and read The Virgin Diet by JJ Virgin. It’s really good and goes into depth on the foods that JJ believes cause weight gain and/or inflammation. I recommend it, if for nothing else, just learning what certain foods do inside our body.

    I know 2013 will be great for you!

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